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This website has been conceived to furnish information on the happenings, events, life, way at Magarpatta City by the various committees - Cultural, Sports,Training, Health - Social, Upkeep, Update and is 'by the Cityzens, of the Cityzens & for the Cityzens here'.


The vision of Magarpatta City is to create a new way of life for the networked society of the new millennium. This website is a sincere attempt for networking the community here.

A brief synopsis of Magarpatta City

With emphasis on proper environment control, good living standards, modern educational system and state-of-the-art working conditions with total security, Magarpatta City is an Integrated Self Sustainable Development providing everything within walking distance - Workspaces, Schools, Residential Accommodation, Restaurants, Recreation Facilities, Healthcare, Convenience Stores, Entertainment and more. Magarpatta City was a dream of 120 farmer families, now transformed into a remarkable reality. It is admired world over as a model of inclusive development and social capitalism for integrated development and immaculate construction practices. Recreational lifestyle, futuristic residential neighborhoods, an internationally endorsed, renowned Information Technology Park – Cybercity Magarpatta and Commercial zone are passionately recalled for eco-friendly features and pollution free environs.

Spread over 430 acres and power packed with international amenities, it is a city within a city having commercial zone, school, residential neighborhoods, hospital, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants and recreation places. All this is complemented by verdant greens and a pollution free ambience, a supreme setting for life and business to evolve. The planners of the city have given explicit importance to the ecology of the surroundings. Over 120 acres of Magarpatta City is lush greenery.

Sector wise planning with a Central Core 25 Acre Technology Park – Cybercity Magarpatta, Physical Infrastructure & Neighboring Amenities, Road Network, Environment Service Corridors, Cycle/Walking tracks, Garbage Disposal, Solar Water Heating Systems, Drainage and Sewage Systems, Water Harvesting Generator Back-up, Telephone Exchange, Power Sub-Station, Dedicated Parking Lots, Bus parking areas, etc. With a full-fledged shopping zone, recreation facilities and offices in its campus, one can walk daily to the office, stroll through the green environs and enjoy pollution free air with the family. All the vital amenities and institutions that any family needs like Schools, shopping centers, entertainment centers and more are provided within walking distance from home. Children can walk to school, their parents can walk to work and the family can enjoy their evenings at the recreational facilities provided.

Magarpatta City gives one complete integrated solutions within homes that come in select neighborhoods. There are 20 neighborhoods planned in the different phases of the city. Magarpatta City has completed almost (2CR) 20 million sq. ft. of construction and has an in-house construction team of over 600 engineers and 400 support staff.

In Magarpatta City, life revolves around Rutu Chakra - the Eternal Time Wheel of Nature. The entire city blooms into a rhythmic splash of colors based on the six seasons - Vasant (Spring), Grishma (Summer), Varsha (Rainy), Sharad (Autumn), Hemant and Shishir (Winter). Perennially in bloom the gardens are a sight to behold. Aditi Garden, the 25-acre central garden abounds in a variety of trees and neatly laid out lawns. Implementation of waste management and solar energy systems ensure enhancement of the environment. One of the most serene and scenic locations in the Aditi Gardens is the artificial lake body created which effectively recharges and raises the ground water levels around here. Set amongst extensive landscaping spread over an area of 4 acres with a colorful range of flora and fauna, it attracts birds and a variety of butterflies to it.

Thought to Reality

The now landmark and iconic development of Magarpatta City, a 430 acre truly integrated township off the Pune – Solapur Highway at Hadapsar, on the eastern fringe of Pune City was dreamt to house the hopes and aspirations of citizens, giving them a choice of life unparalleled in quality. The quality of life is a further reflection of what may also be referred to as the standard of living. This is enhanced by well constructed built environment, a serene and beautiful open landscape environment, excellent economic opportunities and state-of-the-art physical and social infrastructure that focus on better living.

While planning, design and actual execution has meticulously brought about this change at the realistic level, there are aspects of life that one may consider as intangible, real, effervescent or even spiritual. Magarpatta City acknowledges these aspects of life and have imbibed a basic tenet of existence that would permeate the township development.

Panch MahaBhootam
Indian traditional belief associates the basic origin of life into five basic elements (Pancha – Five, Maha – Great, Bhootam – Elements), namely:

  1. Water – Jal
  2. Wind – Vaayu
  3. Fire – Agni
  4. Earth – Prithvi
  5. Space – Aakash

Conceptually, all greater organisms and features of our universe are made up of these 5 elements bound in a specific manner to their environment. This concept is elemental to Indian traditional belief, but finds its reflection in other ancient civilised traditions as well, such the Chinese, the American (Red) Indian Tribes, Japanese and more.
Magarpatta identifies the Panchamahabootam as an elemental and integrated feature of such an important development, and through landscaped circles situated at key points in the township (as per their designated directions) celebrates these 5 elements.


Rutu Chakra

In Magarpatta City, life revolves around Rutu Chakra - the Eternal Time Wheel of Nature. The entire city blooms into a rhythmic splash of colours based on the six seasons - Vasant (Spring), Grishma (Summer), Varsha (Monsoon), Sharad (Autumn), Hemant and Shishir (Winter). Each season has certain flowers and trees and shrubs that correspond to it. Some emerge in new season, while the earlier ones withers away. This cycle continues throughout the year in such a manner that some part of the city is always in bloom.

Perennially in bloom the gardens are a sight to behold.

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  • Masterplan of Magarpatta City showing the 5 Elemental Circles (1 – Jal, 2 – Agni, 3 – Akaash, 4 – Prithvi, 5 – Vaayu)


    img name
  • The Jal (Water) Circle lit up during Diwali


    img name
  • The Jal (Water) Circle near the Magarpatta Main Entry with its enigmatic Mist Fountain at sunset


    img name
  • The Prithvi (Earth) Circle is called Aditi Gardens and is central to the entire Magarpatta City


    img name
  • The Vaayu(Wind) island near the west gate of Magarpatta City


    img name
  • The Agni (Fire) Island at the entrance to Daffodils neighbourhood in Phase I of Magarpatta City


    img name
  • The Aakash (Sky) Island with a Sun Dial in Phase 4 of Magarpatta City


    img name
  • The central Prithvi (Earth) Circle is surrounded by the Cybercity Magarpatta IT Complex.


    img name
  • The five picture windows at the entry and exit gate are also having five frames with specific colour which provides different picture frames when you pass towards the gate.


    img name

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Dear Residents of Magarpatta City,

Maharashtra Natural Gas Ltd. (MNGL) is a joint venture company of two navratna PSU’s GAIL (India) Ltd. & Bharat Petroleum Corporation Lt
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A Special Chapter has been dedicated to Magarpatta CIty
in this latest book by former
President A. P.J. Abdul Kalam

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